Guidelines For Developing Sustainable Architectural Models

Future models of sustainable architecture

Sustainable architecture plays a leading role in the transition to a green economy and green cities. In fact, almost 80% of the European population already lives in urban environments. In order to transform this reality and fulfil the commitments of the Paris Agreement, it is essential to develop new models of sustainable architecture.
Sustainable architecture values the environmental impact of all the processes of a building site. From obtaining raw materials, through construction techniques, the location of the building in the urban and natural environment, its energy efficiency and ending with recycling and demolition.

What are the guidelines for sustainable architecture?
It is based on five main points, from which a series of indicators are derived in order to know whether a building is sustainable or not:

  • Optimization of materials and resources with planning that puts sustainability at the center
  • Commitment to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.
  • Reduction of waste and emissions with good management and savings.
  • Reduction of maintenance needs.

Well-being for users with good air quality and thermal and acoustic comfort.

What are the models of sustainable architecture for 2020?
According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), all homes built in the EU from 2020 onwards should be near-zero energy consumption. In addition, the energy they use must come from renewable sources located in the building itself or in its surroundings.
Not surprisingly, buildings are responsible for almost half of the energy consumed in the world, as well as 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. By means of sustainable architecture it is possible to reduce energy consumption, as well as the environmental impact of buildings.

Thus, measures will continue to be implemented to increasingly integrate sustainability into architecture, following the guidelines of certifications such as Breeam, LEED, and similar.

Guidelines For Developing Sustainable Architectural Models
Future models of sustainable architecture The commitment to renewable energies will continue, since they are not only clean, but also a relevant source of employment. On the other hand, it is possible that the use of drones equipped with photo and video cameras will grow. They allow access to difficult locations, as well as monitoring the progress of the project and generally collecting useful information. Adaptation to the climate crisis in buildings is beginning to take hold with a design and construction that is resistant to extreme weather events. In addition, the carbon footprint of traditional building materials points to a gradual replacement by other sustainable alternatives that are also highly resistant and durable. From natural materials such as bamboo to recycled ones such as plastic, the focus is on reducing the extraction of raw materials for building materials. Likewise, we will continue to be committed to intelligent buildings capable of automating the optimization of their energy performance through distributed energy systems.


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