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Air Conditioner Failures

Air conditioning repairs are mostly seasonal. Usually this type of device tends to break down during the hot months, when we use it the most, and for much of the year it tends to remain off, which makes a thorough check-up essential when we are going to turn it on again. Air conditioning repairs are often caused by the following breakdowns.

  • wear and tear of filters;
  • odours;
  • decrease in cooling productivity;
  • excessive noise;
  • problems with the sensor;
  • turns itself off and on.

Diagnostics of Air Conditioner failures

1.Wear and tear of filters. The quality of the air expelled by our air conditioning depends on the condition of the filters. If we keep the filters in good condition the air we breathe in our house will be of good quality. A clear effect of the bad condition of the filters is the smells, it can be that the air conditioning gives off a bad smell (or even a burning smell). Another effect is the decrease in the production of cold, and therefore, the device will have to invest more energy to operate.

2. Odours. As we saw, a bad condition of the filters can be the cause of bad smells, but there are also other reasons that cause bad smells, such as water accumulated in the battery. This problem usually occurs after months of inactivity, in which the water has remained stagnant, and as stagnant water the smell is unpleasant.

3. Decrease in cooling productivity. It’s another typical sign that our air conditioning is in need of repair. Sometimes the air conditioner loses power, and therefore does not cool at the usual speed, or directly, does not generate the temperature we want. If this happens to you regularly, we recommend that you check the filters. But if you think this is not the problem, maybe the fault is in the circuit, a small problem can make it lose gas or coolant. It may also be that the fault is in the fan motor.

Plumbing and HVAC services

4. Excessive noise. Sometimes the air conditioner works normally, but it generates much more noise than it usually does. This can be due to the lack of gas or oil, since the lack of some of these elements causes noise in the internal part of the air conditioning, or the appearance of some residue in the engine.

5. Problems with the sensor. Behind the control panel there is a sensor that measures the air temperature. The main reason for the failure of this sensor is usually due to the displacement of the part itself.

6. Turns itself off and on. In another recurring case, the air conditioner is turned off and on without being able to control it and without warning. The accumulation of dirt in the evaporation unit or the fan is often one of the causes of this malfunction.

Any problem not related to the filters should be analyzed by an expert. For electrical repairs and for any breakdown in the cooling system it is essential to contact a technical repair team.


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