Main Components Of A Ventilation System And Their Importance

Main Components Of A Ventilation System And Their Importance

A ventilation system is the method and elements used to ventilate an enclosure that is closed. For a long time, very little attention was paid to this issue and the only thing that was done in the buildings was to place an air extractor. Today, however, this equipment has been modernised. Below we show you the main components of a ventilation system and their importance.

How are ventilation systems classified?

An important aspect that must be taken into account before knowing its components is the way in which ventilation systems are classified, they are these:

  • Considering the system used to ventilate.
  • According to the type of room you want to ventilate.

We review the different ventilation systems you can find:

  • Single flow systems. They have an extractor to extract the polluted air and through some ducts they expel it to the outside. It is the simplest and does not control the air intake.
  • Double flow systems. In addition to extracting the polluted air and expelling it to the outside, they also treat the air that enters the interior.  They are the most used nowadays, as they are more effective.

When the type of room is taken into account, there are three different ventilation systems, these are:

  • Domestic: that which is found in all types of dwellings.
  • Tertiary: also called commercial. They are installed in premises that have a professional occupation, such as hospitals, institutes, shops, offices…
  • Industrial: those that are placed in factories and industrial warehouses.

What Are The Main Components Of A Double-flow Ventilation System?

As we said in the previous section, the double flow ventilation systems are the most used nowadays due to their different advantages. Therefore, it is interesting that you know what the main components of a ventilation system of this kind are:

  • Filter. It is essential that the ventilation system has an air filter that prevents dust, dirt or insects from entering the interior. The type of filter used will depend on the quality of the air outside and also on the type of air you want to get inside. In many cases the air is also filtered.
  • Electrical resistors, heat pumps or hot water batteries They serve to prevent very cold air from entering the interior space. In addition, they are used to heat the incoming air to a comfortable temperature.
Main Components Of A Ventilation System And Their Importance
  • Cooling battery. It may also be necessary to cool the air entering from outside. The batteries used for this purpose can be either chilled water or direct expansion.
  • Heat recuperation. This is the most efficient system for recovering heat, taking into account energy consumption. What this method does is to transfer the heat from the exhaust air to the input air. To achieve this, only the electrical consumption of its fans is used. With this system up to 90 % of the sensible heat present in the exhaust air can be recovered.
  • Humidifiers or dehumidifiers They manage to both add and remove humidity from the incoming air to achieve more comfortable percentages.

If you want to know more about the main components of a ventilation system, contact us and we will solve all your doubts.


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