Humidity In The Home During Heat Waves, How To Deal With It?

Humidity In The Home During Heat Waves, How To Deal With It?

The past few weeks, US has experienced the unusual phenomenon of a heat wave.

Moisture can be more dangerous than rising temperatures. Because, in humid climates, the feeling of oppression is much greater than in dry environments. That’s because we humans cool our bodies through sweat, which evaporates on contact with the air. This phenomenon, however, does not work the same way in humid places. In that case, the evaporation of sweat slows down and ends up being impossible.

Excessive sweating causes the system to collapse and then the temperature of our bodies rises beyond what is indicated. What problems can this bring about? In the first phase, fatigue and dizziness. But then the excess of heat with humidity causes illnesses to appear and, in serious cases, death.

Outdoors, the risk is great because during the day the sun’s rays significantly affect the sensation of heat and can cause us to suffer heat stroke. But what about humidity in the home during heat waves? In many of the buildings in US, the situation can be equally dangerous.

Most of the buildings in our country were created with no intention of protecting themselves against the cold or heat. And much less was it expected that heat waves would become a common phenomenon. A few decades ago, it was said that if the heat at home was unbearable, the remedy was to go for a walk. But that, in emergency situations due to high temperatures, is not ideal.

Besides, that’s not the solution either. Humidity in the home is a serious problem to be solved as it can seriously affect our health:

  • It is easy to get respiratory diseases such as sinusitis or asthma, as well as infections such as bronchitis.
  • Dampness in the air can cause a feeling of discomfort or chills, as well as fatigue or difficulty breathing, headache or others.
  • Bad odors in the home are often due to moisture build-up.
  • Mold that appears with moisture in the home can trigger a multitude of allergies. It often appears in bathrooms, windows or other damp rooms.

Heat also makes the harmful effects of moisture worse. For example, numerous skin diseases such as rosacea, fungi, seborrheic dermatitis or sun spots appear. It is also not good to mix heat and humidity to avoid skin cancer.

Humidity In The Home During Heat Waves, How To Deal With It?

How Do You Fight Moisture In The Home During Heat Waves?


The problem of humidity in summer is complicated both indoors and outdoors. Luckily, in many cases, windows are opened and that causes spaces to be aired. To solve this problem, air renewal is essential, both in summer and in winter.


Humidity In The Home During Heat Waves, How To Deal With It?

Prevention is the first thing we must take into account to eliminate humidity in the home:

  • Deficient thermal insulation causes water vapour to filter out. In addition, if there is no watertightness the heat filters into the rooms and causes us discomfort inside the house.
  • Building defects are another of the great evils. Normally, cracks or leaks in pipes can lead to the appearance of moisture.
  • Misuse of air conditioning can be responsible for humidity. And not only in winter because of the air conditioning, but also because of air conditioning units in poor condition. It should be remembered that air conditioning units do not remove humidity.
  • Scarce ventilation. The biggest problem in a home affected by humidity is air renewal, and this is influenced by ventilation, whether mechanical or natural.

In summer, the ideal is to open the windows if there is no ventilation system. In addition, humidity does not disappear easily and it is not enough to cover the walls where it arises or to paint them. On the contrary, that will only aggravate the problem because it will not nip it in the bud. It is necessary to detect the places where the problem originates and to solve them.


The best solution for humidity problems in the home during heat waves is the double-flow ventilation system. Thanks to it, it is possible to air-condition the rooms and eliminate humidity, as well as renew the air in the home.


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