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Eight Home Energy Efficiency Measures

Eight Home Energy Efficiency Measures

With the high temperatures also comes the increase in the electricity bill. That’s why it’s good to consider what measures we can take to save energy in the summer. But it is not only during the very hot months that we can suffer from sharp increases in the electricity bill. We need to implement energy efficiency measures in the home throughout the year.

The problem is greater today, with the sharp rise in energy costs. Many houses built in the past did not take into account the need to bet on energy saving, and when it came to air conditioning they bet on the traditional, such as air conditioning and heating devices. This could be a problem in the long run, as the natural protection of buildings against bad weather was neglected when these solutions were installed, which meant that more energy was needed.

As a result, concern about energy poverty is much greater today. If the consumption in supplies is equivalent to 10% or more of the family income, a house is considered to be energy poor, even if there is no lack of protection or unemployment. A fact that can occur if energy is wasted.

That is why it is important to tackle high energy consumption with different energy efficiency measures in our homes, which will undoubtedly provide us with relief on our electricity bills.

Save Energy With These Energy Efficiency Measures At Home

It is considered that with simple changes or assumable modifications in the home, more than half of the energy consumed by Spanish households could be saved. These are some of the energy efficiency measures that can reduce the cost of the electricity bill.

Improved thermal insulation It is very important to reduce energy losses inside our homes. This is the same as keeping warm in the winter and preventing rooms from getting hot in the summer. This is the most effective way to reduce energy consumption, because if the indoor climate comfort is sufficient, it will not be necessary to use air conditioning systems.

Although the best way to achieve airtightness in a building is to plan it from the beginning of the work, in cases of renovation it is also possible. For example, changes to windows and doors can improve and much one of the points through which heat and cold escape. If we live in an attic, it is important to consider the roof as a place to close it hermetically.

Eight Home Energy Efficiency Measures

Replace traditional lighting with LED solutions. The lighting is very important, since depending on the type of installation we have, it may be of an assumable cost or it may cause a strong increase in the electricity bill. The best solution is to have LED bulbs. And, better still, to use the solar light to avoid the use of the bulbs during the day.

Bet on low consumption appliances and keep a reasonable use. Look at the energy labels on each of your appliances and get the ones that have a better rating on the energy card. When you buy a television or a fridge, take into account its consumption, as your supply bill will depend on it.

Eight Home Energy Efficiency Measures

Replace the boiler with a new one. Changing the boiler at home can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. It is also environmentally efficient: almost a tonne of CO2 per household per year.

Adjust your home temperatures to reasonable values. In many homes it is thought that in summer it is comfortable to have temperatures close to 19oC and that in winter it is possible to be in short sleeves. Besides being unnatural and dangerous to our health, the energy expenditure is enormous. If we stick to natural values we will achieve half the consumption in air conditioning.

Use mechanical or natural ventilation solutions. Air renewal is necessary for health reasons. But, in order to implement energy efficiency measures, ventilation can be the best ally. Warm air is installed in homes in elevated areas and can be extracted with mechanical ventilation systems. If you can only use natural ventilation, you can create drafts between windows and doors, or even opt for simple fans.

Fight moisture with a dehumidifier. If your home is in a moisture-affected area, such as coastal areas or perhaps near a river, you may suffer from moisture. If that’s the case, the heat and cold are likely to be more noticeable. With a dehumidifier you will be able to improve the health of your home and achieve better temperatures, without the need to use traditional air conditioning systems. This is one of the most effective energy efficiency measures in your home.


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