What Architectural Challenges Does The BIM Methodology Solve

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How the BIM methodology facilitates the design of HVAC systems

The BIM methodology is becoming particularly important in recent years because of the many benefits it offers in the design and construction of buildings. Thanks to computer assistance, the BIM methodology allows for the design and construction of the project, and involves all parties from the beginning of the project to the end.
The tools that make up the BIM system complete the information and possibilities of CAD technology, which allows the modeling and design in 2D and 3D of all types of elements. The new dimensions provided by the BIM methodology are execution times (4D) and project costs (5D).

Thanks to this methodology, it is possible to simulate the life cycle of the building prior to construction, and to accurately calculate the costs and construction times to achieve an efficient project, detecting possible problems in the initial phases, and being able to modify the 3D geometry.

Challenges that the BIM methodology facilitates in your projects
By integrating the BIM methodology into your project, you can overcome challenges and objectives in an easy and simple way. In the projects modelled in BIM you can incorporate real elements hosted in extensive online libraries, being able to see their structure, price, how they are integrated in the project and even see the contact information to acquire them once their validity and usefulness has been verified.
In this way, waiting times are considerably reduced as different elements, materials and structures can be tested virtually, which in turn translates into monetary savings.

  • Information is collected on each element that influences the project, quantifying and measuring the exact performance of the building.
  • The magnitude of the project is organized and sized, locating the elements that influence the building.
  • The behavior of each element is analyzed, guaranteeing its efficiency and checking exactly how they interact among themselves and with the environment in which they are installed.
  • The information is transmitted and analyzed in an easier way thanks to a more realistic representation of the project.
  • Thanks to the virtual installation of the elements in the project, the process of supplying the necessary materials is facilitated.
How the BIM methodology facilitates the design of HVAC systems
Thanks to the facilities provided by this methodology, it is becoming increasingly important in the development of architectural projects, achieving great savings in time and money. How the BIM methodology facilitates the design of ventilation systems The BIM methodology facilitates the work in several sectors of the construction, although especially in the ventilation systems, being able to extract data referring to the aerodynamics of the fan, the energy consumption of the system, or the acoustic information.
How the BIM methodology facilitates the design of HVAC systems

By implementing this methodology, three-dimensional models can be created, by which specialists can observe the different currents and simulate the air sweep, thus choosing the best ventilation system. For example, in spaces such as hospitals, it is very helpful since they are large buildings with a constant flow of people, so it is highly recommended to use this methodology since ventilation has a considerable impact on the health of individuals in this type of building.
Where the BIM modeling becomes really relevant is in the degree of detail, in the amount of information provided and in the efficiency of the project. By adding materials to the construction, it is possible to observe not only how they will be installed but also the interaction between them. The tools available allow us to see, for example, if a ventilation duct collides with a beam, so that we can anticipate unforeseen events and look for alternative solutions, all virtually and without the need to move or have the physical objects.


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