Distribution Of Air Inlet Vents

Distribution Of Air Inlet Vents

In the mechanical ventilation systems we have grilles to be able to make the air intake. In some cases, this is a connection from the outside to the inside, so that the air can access the rooms naturally, but we also find double flow systems in which the air from the outside is driven by ventilation ducts and when accessing the closed environments it does so through grilles. It will matter very much where the air enters the interior, we must calculate the distribution of the ventilation grilles well.

What is the main function of ventilation grilles? First of all, it is understood that they serve as protection against impacts or possible access to ventilation openings or ducts. But, beyond this utility, their design is essential to achieve a better distribution of air indoors, or in other cases the admission of air. Even so, they must not renounce design and be attractive in order to enhance these functions.

A good ventilation grille is one that is capable of achieving the functions described above and also the secondary functions they have, such as

  • To achieve the lowest possible pressure losses.
  • To distribute the air homogeneously between the different zones of each room.
  • Minimize the noise produced by fans or even by the air passing through the grilles.
  • To eliminate vibrations as much as possible.
  • They must be easy to clean and their maintenance must be minimal.

To achieve the best distribution of the ventilation grilles in the home we must find homogeneous locations to avoid areas that are not ventilated. In this way, first of all we have to take into account the design of the slats so that they are distributed at a good speed.

Ventilation grilles should always be chosen in relation to the type of room where they are to be installed. For example:

1. If it is a rectangular room and we have the opening where the grille will be installed in one of the shorter walls, the grille must have an aerodynamic profile so that the air runs quickly and is distributed from one end of the room to the other.

2. In the case of small rooms, it is necessary to put a slatted profile on the grille to dampen the air intake and eliminate noise.

We could say that, if we have a ventilation grid distribution that opts for aerodynamic profiles, we will suffer considerably more from the inconvenience caused by noise and also from the air vibrations on the slats. Speed and flow, two aspects that are very necessary in large, elongated rooms, would be detrimental to us in other situations.

That is why, first of all, it is essential to study the type of rooms and choose the placement and type of grilles based on this.

Ventilation grilles are always the last thing to be installed in a mechanical ventilation solution, so we have to decide then the necessary design that this essential element will have. Fortunately, we can make them attractive and blend in well with the environment, as there are different shapes, finishes, profiles, materials and colours. Usually, they are made of plastic or aluminium, being the metallic option the most common one.

Distribution Of Air Inlet Vents

The Distribution Of The Ventilation Grilles According To The Type Of Ventilation System

We can choose between one type of grille or another, but what will most define our distribution of the vents in our homes will be the type of mechanical ventilation system we use and its configuration. The total number of grilles will be totally linked to this.

If it is a single flow ventilation system, the extraction will be through ducts and the intake by air infiltration, which will pass through the ventilation grilles. Extraction grilles will be placed in bathrooms and kitchens, which are normally round in shape. Above the windows in bedrooms and living rooms will normally be placed the intake grilles, and in some cases there may be others on the doors to communicate between rooms.

If we have a double-flow mechanical ventilation system we will have grilles on the walls for air intake. They can be low profile models with multiple finishes, and they usually have an aerodynamic character to move the air through the rooms in a uniform way. Depending on the size of the rooms, sometimes two or more grilles must be fitted. Extraction, on the other hand, does not require aerodynamics.

In order to make our mechanical ventilation system more efficient, whether it is single or double flow, it is essential to have a good distribution of the ventilation grilles in all the rooms of our homes.


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