Designing Ventilation Systems In The Digital Age

Designing Ventilation Systems In The Digital Age

The Role Of Digitalization In The Design Of Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems have evolved thanks to digital transformation and the development of new applications and methodologies that facilitate their design, installation and maintenance.

Today there are tools and applications that allow us to correct installation defects in time, thus allowing us to optimize their operation and extend the life of ventilation systems.

These advances have been so useful that over the years they have achieved a rapid inclusion in the market and a wide projection within the sector.

The Role Of Digitalization In The Design Of Ventilation Systems

Today, ventilation systems are a fundamental element in the structure of the building and its energy efficiency. Like other elements that allow the correct execution of the different functions of a building, they have been integrating new technologies that allow the digitalization of its operation process. These tools help us to monitor their activity throughout the day, know their visual impact in advance and optimize the operation in the network with other systems such as heating and lighting.

One of the procedures we can use to achieve this digitalization is the BIM methodology. With it we manage to centralize the information and optimize the ventilation systems in the projects. This methodology provides us with information related to energy consumption, aerodynamic or acoustic data or the interaction of the different systems that make up a building or home.

Augmented reality is another tool that makes flexibility and facilitates the understanding of the structural and aesthetic impact of ventilation ducts from the conversion of real environments into virtual elements. Applications such as SIBER AR give the possibility to visualize the installation of ventilation systems in a three-dimensional plane of a house.

BIM: The Key To Achieve The Objective

BIM is a real revolution that in a very short time is changing the working methods that have been traditionally used. Thanks to this methodology, the real process of construction is imitated, trying to bring together the work of designers, builders and other actors in a constructive process in the same place. In this way, time savings are achieved, optimizing processes and improving the quality and profitability of the project.

When modifying any constructive element of the project, those related elements are automatically modified. BIM generates a virtual model with all the useful information of the project at each stage of the life cycle, from its initial conception, during its construction, until its demolition. In the case of ventilation, BIM allows sizing and calculating its energy consumption and operation in a practical way, as well as seeing what architectural elements a ventilation system influences. Applying this methodology, a unique optimization of the ventilation system is achieved.

Designing Ventilation Systems In The Digital Age

Digitization Of Internal Processes

Digitalization offers a series of advantages and facilities that can be used by all areas and departments that make up a company: from the provision of services and products to customers, to internal flows and processes.

For this reason, we have developed tools based on BIM that allow us to correctly design and size ventilation systems, implementing email automation to inform the relevant actors in each project about the status of the project at all times.


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