Rectangular Tube: Installation And Maintenance Recommendations

Rectangular Tube: Installation And Maintenance Recommendations

A good ventilation system must consist of properly sized ducts (it can be a rectangular tube or one with a circular section) that guarantee that the stale air, resulting from the normal and habitual use of the enclosures, is extracted from the humid areas (kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms) through the extraction outlets connected to the unit. These ducts must be smooth and, if possible, anti-static and anti-bacterial. This will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt inside them, as well as the retention of particles (and, consequently, the proliferation of microbiological agents that are the origin of mycobacterial contamination). These characteristics will minimize the load losses as much as possible. A watertight duct network, in addition to ensuring greater energy efficiency, will prevent air intakes and the noise they produce.


Below are a series of recommendations to take into account when designing your building’s ventilation system.

  • We must ensure that this ductwork is easy to install and assemble. Therefore, we recommend the installation of those systems whose assembly is based on the Meccano system, without putty or adhesive tape, and that guarantee a perfect watertightness.
  • If there is not enough space, a good solution is the installation of a network of extra flat rectangular ducts that can be adapted to any architecture. Whatever the nominal section is, make sure that the ducts comply with the fire resistance requirements according to the UNE standards, that they support a maximum use temperature of + 176º F and that they provide the minimum ventilation flows required for which the installation has been designed.
  • Current regulations place special emphasis on the importance of avoiding microbial proliferation. Thus, in the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE, 2007), it is specified that “the materials used must not facilitate (or be nutrients for) microbial proliferation”.

Maintenance Of The Duct Network

We must ensure that all the components that make up the ventilation system of our building (ducts, filters, and extraction and drive nozzles) are properly maintained and cleaned.

In addition to ensuring that the interior of the ducts is smooth, as specified above, to prevent the accumulation of dirt, these must be recordable (for sanitation and cleaning) every 30 feet throughout the journey. The regulation, the CTE DB HS3 Indoor air quality, also requires that cleaning operations are carried out in the ducts once a year and that their air tightness is checked once every five years. During the cleaning operations, and as established by the RITE, we must ensure that the interior coatings of the ducts resist the aggressive action of the products used for disinfection and that the interior surface has a mechanical resistance that can withstand the efforts that such mechanical cleaning operations involve.

Rectangular Tube: Installation And Maintenance Recommendations

Compliance with current regulations is the maximum guarantee that your ventilation system does not pose a threat to the comfort, well-being and health of people. Make sure that the ventilation system of your building is in the hands of specialized professionals who will accompany you during the entire process, from the project phase to the start-up of the system.


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