7 Summer Energy Saving Measures

7 Summer Energy Saving Measures

When do you spend more energy at home? In the summer or in the winter? Without a doubt, spring and autumn are the two times when we generate the least amount of electricity. The temperatures are pleasant to go out, so we spend less time indoors, and these are the times when we can completely dispense with air conditioning. However, we need energy-saving measures in summer and winter if we do not want the bills to become too expensive.

Winter is thought to be a time of maximum energy consumption because heating homes can be very expensive, and the cold makes us spend more time indoors. But summer is also a time of high energy consumption, especially if you have air conditioning equipment.

It is normal to expect high energy costs during the summer. The air conditioner is turned on to escape the heat and the children spend more time at home using the electronics. And, when they go out to play, there is much more to wash, not to mention towels from the beach or clothes from the mountains. Summer can be expensive on our electricity bills, but with the following energy-saving measures it is possible to cut back — and much more — on what we spend on energy during the hot months.

Spend Less: 7 Energy Saving Measures In Summer

From reasonable consumption to small modifications in the home. Everything is important if we want to bet on energy efficiency and maintain moderate energy consumption in the home.
1. Be careful with cold air or leave the air conditioning on.
When you come home on a horribly hot day, the feeling of cold air on your skin is fantastic, we know. But you have to be reasonable with an appliance that can spend a lot on your electricity bill. There are people who enjoy air conditioning at less than 23°F, and even those who set it at 65°F, so they can keep warm at home during the summer. This is certainly not a good idea.

The air conditioner emits the same cold air at the same temperature all the time and the thermostat will regulate how much it has to emit at any given time. Try setting it to 80°F and you’ll find that the feeling of comfort is the same or even more, since you won’t have to keep warm inside. Also, set the fan to minimum and if you are far from the unit activate the swing function, which will expand it throughout the room.

7 Summer Energy Saving Measures

2. Turn off the air conditioning when you are not at home.

Don’t leave the air conditioning on during the day when you’re not home. The feeling of coming home and being cool will cost you a lot of money, when in fact the effects of the cold air are felt almost immediately when you turn it on. Are you still the type of person who wants to come home and notice the air conditioning? Then you can set it to turn on about ten minutes before you get home. There are devices that allow you to turn it on with a mobile application. At night, it is not advisable to sleep with the air conditioning running. You can program it to turn off in the middle of the night to save a lot of money.

3. Don’t forget to air out your home.

Even if you don’t have a mechanical ventilation system, it’s important that there is a draft in your home. Fans can make your home feel better, and a good option is to create a draft between two windows. This will lower the temperature in your home.

7 Summer Energy Saving Measures

4. Hide your home from the sun and open windows when necessary.

The sun is wonderful when on a clear day you enjoy it outside. But your house can get overheated — and very overheated — if you open the curtains and let the sun’s rays into the rooms. Try to stop the sun’s rays, much better if you use an awning. The same goes for the windows: open them at night when it gets cooler and keep them closed during the hottest hours.

5. Wash your clothes with warm water.

It is not necessary to wash the clothes with hot water in the summer, as they come out with a high temperature normally. To save on the cost of the washing machine, you can always choose to wash with cold water in summer.

6. Use LED lighting and monitor the use of electronic equipment.

This serves as one of the main energy saving measures in summer and winter. It is very important that you change your household light bulbs to LED alternatives and that you keep your electronic equipment energy efficient. For example, avoid putting them on standby and switch them off frequently.

7. Enjoy the summer and eat out.

What better time than summer to enjoy the food prepared at a barbecue? The last on our list of energy saving measures for summer is delicious as well as very practical for saving money: cooking on the outdoor terrace, what better way to enjoy with the family!


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