Air Extraction At Home, Why Is It So Necessary

Air Extraction At Home, Why Is It So Necessary

How To Perform An Air Extraction At Home

Health in the home is something to keep in mind. Even more so than when we go outside, since in today’s life it is common to spend most of our time indoors. In addition to rest time, most work is done indoors and leisure time at home has occupied an important part of our lives. However, when it comes to considering the healthiness of our homes, we sometimes fail to realise the importance of what we breathe. And of the necessary extraction of air at home.
How important is the air we breathe indoors? Actually, more than we imagine. It is easy, when thinking about a healthy life, to take into account food, sport or what we drink. For example, we would never drink contaminated water and avoid expired food. But often, we breathe very bad air without realizing it.

Outdoors, it is common to avoid pollution from cars. But, in reality, inside there can be a large amount of pollutants without us noticing, which can be very harmful to our health. How do we deal with it? By renewing the air, and to do this it is key to set up air extraction systems in the house.
Improving the health of the air we breathe is easy if we know how to extract the air in the home and circulate it. If, on the other hand, stale air settles in the rooms, we run the following risks:

  • If there is no renewal of the air in the house, it will surely lead to the proliferation of germs and bacteria. Has anyone in the office ever been ill and many other people have been infected? This is due to poor air extraction, as bacteria do not circulate and settle in the same environment.
  • As we said, bad air can be a big problem at work and at home. Not only is it annoying because it can produce bad odors and generate discomfort when concentrating or sleeping, but it is also guilty of many respiratory diseases.
  • Pollution is greater due to activity in the home. For example, when cooking or using cleaning chemicals we pollute the air and can easily get sick.
  • Dampness could settle on our walls and in the air, so we would breathe worse and lung diseases could appear, even problems related to asthma.
  • Because of this, air extraction is necessary in the home to remove all possible pollutants stored in a charged environment.

How to Perform an Air Extraction at Home?

First of all, it can be said that airing is not renewing the air. In fact, if we open the windows for a while what we do is aerate, which is basically to let some fresh air into the house, coming from outside. This air can also be of poor quality, and most importantly, the air is not extracted. To do this, we have to manage to get the air established in the house.
If there is no other choice, by aerating we can improve the situation and if the air from outside does not stop coming in, the quality of the indoor air will also be improved. However, to ventilate and extract the air, a more concrete action must be taken.
Air Extraction At Home, Why Is It So Necessary

Mainly the following:

  1. Single flow mechanical ventilation systems. The air is introduced into the house through ventilation grilles that connect the outside with the inside through ducts or interior channels. The extraction is done mechanically with fans that automatically remove the air in poor conditions from each of the rooms.
  2. Double flow mechanical ventilation systems. They are the most advanced solution for indoor air renewal. On the one hand, they drive air from the outside into the rooms, which is previously filtered. On the other hand, they extract air automatically, based on the needs of each room.
  3. The importance of air extraction at home and in the workplace should not be overlooked, in order to avoid health problems. In addition, breathing better quality air will improve our quality of life, with better rest, less irritability and also stronger health.


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